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Scaffolding Table

As a developing country scaffolding is an active yet unintended part of the Kuwaiti architectural vernacular. A large part of my own childhood was spent around building sites as my parents built their own home. Being on the construction site as a child was fantastical, as me and my siblings played games and made up stories about the site we were playing on. There is an inadvertent beauty in the structures found in Kuwait as they seem to push the limits of possibility and physics. The structures provide essential, functional elegance, through delicate and repetitive double tones and lines.

Four multinational scaffolding structures can be identified in Kuwait. The scaffolding pictured was surveyed to be the most efficient, easy to assemble and light weight structure. Scaffolding Table (coming soon) abstracts and highlights these functional structures and their delicateness into a communal dinning table. The table is designed with pre-cast simple connection methods, which compliment local fabrication. These were inspired by the scaffolding structures, such as the levelling scaffolding jack foot. The table flat packs for easy assembly and low volume shipping.

Material Brass . Steel . Glass
Dimension 180cm x 90cm x 76cm
  • Sandcasting foundry | Alwafi
  • Precision Machine Works | Damodaran
  • Glass Shop | Al Alamiah
  • Photography | Baptiste Gratzmuller
  • Photography | Bader Al Rajhi