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Saffar Bowls

Saffar Bowls create renewed desirability for the Saffar family’s historic craft of copper sinking, by contrasting new technology with the ancient technique. The aim is to return vitality to the work conducted in Souq Al Saffar, which has shifted to low quality galvanised sheet products. This would give new opportunities to the craftsmen that help carry the Kuwaiti economy through their skills.

The set of five bowls focuses on a modern form of utility and experiential dining - a take on the utilitarian nature of the historic Saffar vessels. The single line pattern is intended as a critique of superficial appropriation of Islamic geometry. Based on the essential golden ratio and islamic geometry, it is used as a guide for the craftsmen to form in circles which necessitates a concentric grid. The set contrasts dish sizes to compliment Western and Eastern, shared and individual servings, rather then western standards.

Material Aluminium. Brass. Copper. Tin
Dimension 40cm, 25cm, 15cm, 10cm, 5cm diameter
  • Product Design | Kawther Alsaffar
  • Pattern Design Collaboration | Chourouk Zarkaoui
  • Metal Engraving | Sam’s Steel - Sabih - Neo Center
  • Mould Making | WoodEx
  • Tin Plating | Ahmed Al Saffar
  • Metal Sinking | Ghandi and Other’s in Souq Al Saffar
  • Photography | Hussain Ai Shamo
  • Cuisine | Chef Alzaid