Kuwait was historically a trade route relying on Kuwaitis hand crafts and trade. The Discovery of oil in the 1950’s shifted these occupations to varied forms conducted by a multinational society of craftsmen. Modern day Industrial Kuwait has developed into a maze of highly labour intensive traditional hand-craft workshops and mass production facilities, with a wealth of unique crafts.

It can be challenging to express what day-to-day life is like in different parts of the Arab world, due to generalisations and stereotypes. By highlighting and elevating the craft and design scene we can help grow and expand the global creative economy.

The following images give tribute to our locality by showing the beauty and uniqueness of the craft world in Kuwait, and celebrating the craftsmen in Industrial Kuwait.

  • Sandcasting foundry | Alwafi
  • Metal Polishing Workshop | Alamanah
  • Precision Machine Works | Damodaran
  • Amgarah | Salvage yard
  • WOODEX | Carpentry Workshop
  • Style and Elegance | Carpentry Workshop